i like to go trekking and trail running. you can read occasional entries on my hiking and biking blog here, or browse some of the international treks. below

Bosnia Herzegovina

In 2019, Eldar ard the Exodus crew guided us through the mountains and cities of Bosnia, which also briefly introduced us to Croatia and Montenegro. We crammed a lot into the time available, from the streets of Sarajevo to the remote peak of Maglic. and learning about the troubled history of Yugoslavia.


Bogdan and the Explore team guided us through the Transylvanian Alps in 2018. Yes, we got to see Dracula's castle, but the remote peaks provide more impressive vistas. From sweltering valley heat to freezing snow covered mountain tops and the burgeoning culture of Bucharest, there was plenty to enjoy, 


Albert guided my 2017 Exodus trek through the Italian Dolomites. These mountains are high and spectacular from all angles, and there was ample opportunity for some extreme scrambling. Again, some great food too! We were lucky to have pretty much unbroken sunshine for the whole trip.


In 2016 I trekked the Sierra di Aitana in southern Spain. This area is also really good for trail running (or "sky running"). The peaks provide some great views of the Costa del Sol - at about the right distance. The Exodus guide Jose is an award winner and the food is amazing.


I'm out in my local area most weekends, running around the Purbecks or the New Forest. For those runners wanting to take the next steps I thoroughly recommend the challenges of the cliffs in South Dorset!

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